Elisabeth Cosmatos, Simon Hatziavraam, Sofia Leoni, Miljana Janjic, Aggelos Cosmatos –
The People

Elisabeth Cosmatos    
+30 2310 550950, Ext.301
elisabeth cosmatos
  • Born in 1976 in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • French-Greek College Graduate
  • BSc Maritime Business & Law, University of Plymouth, England
  • MSc International Trade & Transport, London Guildhall University, England
  • Licensed Ship Agent
  • Joined the Group in 1998
  • Managing the Group since 2005
  • Professional experience in ship operations, military and DG movements and heavylift operations
Advisory Board
Georgios Kabitolglou    
+49 (172) 1000300
georgios kabitoglou
  • Senior executive with significant experience in high-tech industries
  • Started his career in the semiconductor arena within Infineon Technologies AG holding positions in cooperation management and procurement
  • Became an executive at Giesecke & Devrient GmbH heading the global sales force for the telecommunications market segment
  • Continued his career at Gigaset AG in the consumer goods electronics industry (DECT phones, smartphones, tablet and smart home devices)
  • Has been the Chief Sales Officer and board member of the BARTEC Group, a leading manufacturer for explosion proof equipment serving the energy, manufacturing petro chemistry and Oil & Gas industries
  • Top-Manager mit signifikanter Erfahrung in High-Tech Industrien
  • Er hat seine Karriere in der Halbleiter-Industrie begonnen bei der Firma Infineon Technologies AG und hatte Positionen im Kooperations-Management und im operative Einkauf inne
  • Er stieg ins Executive Management auf bei Giesecke & Devrient GmbH als Leiter des globalen Vertriebes für das Marktsegment Telekommunikation
  • Er setzte seine Karriere fort in der Konsumgüterindustrie bei der Firma Gigaset AG, einen Marktführer in DECT Schnurlostelefonen und Hersteller von Handys, Tablets und SmartHome Systemen
  • In seiner letzten Position war er Chief Sales Officer und Mitglied der Geschäftsführung bei der BARTEC Gruppe, einen Weltmarktführer im Bereich Explosionsschutz, aktiv in den Industrien Energie, Anlagenbau, Petrochemie und Öl & Gas
Sales Manager
Stavros Paraschos    simon hatziavraam
+30 2310 550950, Ext.306
+30 6986 944768
stavros paraschos
  • Born in 1968 in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • BSc in Finance & Law, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Professional experience in customer service, sales, pricing and all freight forwarding activities
  • Extensive knowledge of multi-modal transport, sea/road/rail/air transport, DG handling (IMO), oversized transport coordination, import/export procedure and documentation
  • Trade Market Specialist: ASIA, EUROPE, BALKANS, US, AFRICA
Sales Manager – Balkan Region
George Gozis    
+30 2310 550950, Ext.304
+30 6947 990216
george gozis
  • Born in 1970 in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Professional experience in liner services, import and export documentation, sales, sea freight pricing and freight forwarding activities
  • Extensive knowledge of multi-modal transport, sea/road/rail/air freights, hazardous goods handling (IMO), oversized/overweight and project cargo coordination, aid and military cargo handling, containerized reefer cargo transport
  • Trade Market Specialist: ASIA, EUROPE, BALKANS, US, AFRICA
Dimitris Ginos    
+30 2310 550950, Ext.315
+30 6986 944768
dimitris ginos
  • Born in 1992 in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • BSc in Economics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Professional experience in customer service regarding maritime transport at global level
Customer Service
Argiris Dragos    
+30 2310 550950, Ext.308
+30 6947 601896
argiris dragos
  • Born in 1977 in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Professional experience in container transport, transit customs formalities to / from all the Balkan states
Miljana Janjic    
+30 2310 550950, Ext. 314
+30 6986 941268
miljana janjic
  • Born in 1985 in Leskovac, Serbia
  • BSc in Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, University of Macedonia, Greece
  • MSc in Politics and Economics of Contemporary Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, University of Macedonia, Greece
  • Professional experience in sales, import/export and transport coordination
  • Trade Market Specialist: SERBIA, F.Y.R.O.M, KOSOVO, ALBANIA.
Vassiliki Fani    
+30 2310 550950, Ext.303
+30 6946 334897
vassiliki fani
  • Born in 1971 in Thessaloniki
  • BSc in Accounting
  • Chief Accountant

Konstantinos Gkatsos    
+30 2310 550950, Ext.302
+30 6948 781230
konstantinos gkatsos
  • Born in 1991 in Thessaloniki
  • BSc in Business Administration, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Assistant Accountant

IT Department
Andreas Hytas    
+30 2310 550950, Ext.316
+30 6944 500196
andreas hytas
  • Born in 1982 in Thessaloniki
  • BSc in Computer Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Safety and Security Officer for Computerised Systems
  • IT Manager
Customs Clearance
Anestis Ioannidis    
+30 2310 511901
+30 2310 531771
anestis ioannidis
  • Born in 1960 in Thessaloniki
  • Customs Broker, Reg. No. 15174
  • Merchant Navy Lieutenant
  • Extensive knowledge of transit formalities procedure and customs clearance (T1, TIR, T2L, INF5, T302, EURO, EXA, ATA)
  • Professional experience in bonded storage and temporary storage formalities