Warehouse Entry Procedure

  1. No admission to Warehouse shall be granted to unrelated persons.

  2. Smoking is prohibited in all indoors and outdoors perimeter of Hub Logistics facilities.

  3. The client, as the owner of the goods stored at Hub Logistics Warehouse, has the right to indicate any persons authorized to access the warehouse and to verify the place and method of storage of his/her goods, and the way of performing commissioned operations by the Contractor.

  4. Any requested visits by persons authorized by the Client to Hub Logistics Warehouse shall be notified in writing (in an electronic form, e.g. email) at least two days before the suggested date of the visit.

  5. The visit notification shall contain:
    • A list of persons authorized to conduct the visit on behalf of the Client (first and last names);
    • Suggested date of the visit (day and time);
    • Purpose of the visit;
    • Estimated duration of the visit.

  6. Within 24 hours, Hub Logistics Sa will respond to the visit notification by email and confirm the possibility to conduct the visit on the suggested date or indicate another date, as close to the suggested date as possible.

  7. All visits by persons authorized by the Client may be conducted only in the presence of the Warehouse Manager or any other authorized person indicated by Hub Logistics Sa. Such a person has to ensure that the visit fulfils the objectives of the visit set by the Client and that the visit does not interfere with (or impact in the slightest degree) the regular operations of the warehouse.

  8. All visitors upon arrival should sign in Hub Logistics guest Book and carry a proof of ID.

  9. Photo shooting and video recording is prohibited without prior consent of the Warehouse Manager or any other authorized person indicated by Hub Logistics SA.

  10. In order to ensure the safety and smooth process of the visit, all participants shall comply with the safety procedures applicable at the warehouse, with all health and safety regulations related to visiting the warehouse, and with all instructions given by the Warehouse Manager or another person authorized by Hub Logistics Sa related to movement within the warehouse area or performance of any other activities related to fulfilling the objective of the visit.