Hub Logistics provides integrated logistics services to the Red Cross

Hub Logistics is providing integrated logistics services to the International Federation of Red Cross (IRFC) and its members, such as the Hellenic Red Cross, the Norwegian Red Cross, the Finnish Red Cross and the Austrian Red Cross.

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The Logistics package included Warehousing, National and International Road Transport services as well as container, car and truck rental services.

The cargo consisted of palletized, loose and oversized goods.

We have, so far, carried out over 500 successful deliveries of humanitarian aid goods to Idomeni, Nea Kavala, Diavata and Kordelio refugee Transit Camps, frequently under demanding circumstances but always within the agreed time frame.

The challenging tasks which our team often had to manage, due to the complex nature of humanitarian operations, were the constant schedule changes either of transferred volume or of the delivery points.

Hub Logistics managed to optimize the order responsiveness and coordinate successfully the delivery of goods every time against the unpredictable demand, within quite short lead time and unpredicted influencing factors such as rough weather conditions or inaccessible delivery locations.