Safety First

Safety has been a major concern throughout the materialization of “The HUB” Project. All features have been carefully selected and implemented according to EU standards and norms and the entire facility is a strictly non-smoking one.

The building features
If so needed, immediate evacuation of the building can be performed through the nine emergency exits that cover the entire perimeter of the building and lead to open air. Emergency lighting in case of power stop, as well as, emergency exit signs run through the entire facility. The charging and parking area of the electrical CHE is a very important issue when it comes to safety. It has been proven through the years that the specific area is usually the centre of a fire break. For this reason, our charging and parking area is totally independent and secluded from the storage area. Moreover, the walls and paints used are fire-resistant.

The selection of cargo handling equipment (CHE) All our electrical CHE is brand new and it is purchased through the official Toyota dealer. It is all equipped with the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) which provides verification of dynamic stability. Lately, Toyota SAS was tested by independent organizations and achieved a distinction in providing a safe, healthy and productive work environment through high-quality materials, handling products, services and solutions. (SAS-excels-in-comparative-test). Moreover, all CHE are fully insured by Toyota for maintenance coverage and immediate replacement in case of malfunction, offering us the benefit of 365 days of guaranteed operation.

The shelving assembly
A ductility report was conducted in order to certify the safest environment for both staff and cargo. The entire assembly was simulated as a 3D construction. Phasma dynamic analysis was used. All presumable deformations, pallet drifts, endurance and stability checks have been made. The materials used for the shelving construction contribute to a heavy-duty assembly with a weight capacity of 1.2 mts per pallet place.

The fire protection systems Automatic fire detection systems, manual fire announcement system, automatic sprinklers system, permanent independent water supply system, fire extinguishers, fire hose stations, fire escape tools stations. The entire fire protection system operates under electric and diesel motor engine for total coverage in case of power cut.

The equipment
Our warehouse staff is equipped with appropriate uniforms, shoes, helmets and luminous vests. Relevant safety ambience is necessary for entrance clearance within the storage facilities.

The generator
Power failure? No worries! An independent diesel generator set is located within the outdoor perimeter which automatically supports the whole warehouse and office operation. The generating set consists of two parts, an internal combustion engine and a generator. Its use is solely to avoid the consequences of a power blackout.

The security systems & CCTV
Motion detectors, magnetic contacts and sirens cover the entire indoor and outdoor perimeter. The outdoor area is fully covered by infrared beam pillars which create an impenetrable “wall”. 24hrs coverage by a Signal Security Centre and security guard patrols reinforce the safety zone.A central signal station monitors the security systems 24/7/365. The proper function of all systems is monitored constantly. Digital CCTV recording cover all the facility on an ongoing basis.