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Hub Logistics

Hub Logistics SA is the latest addition to the Cosmatos Group of Companies. It is a Northern Greece based third party logistics services company founded in 2007. Our prime aim is to offer integrated improved services to our existing customers and, also, to establish a dominant position of the Group in the area of Third Party Logistics (3PL).

A full 3PL package can be found in our services:
As it is anticipated, the 3PL industry is expected to flourish within the wider region of Thessaloniki through the continuously evolving national and international trade needs. Maintaining the city’s key position as the “gate to all Balkan states”, Thessaloniki was in need of a high standard, well connected and ideally located warehouse ready to serve all kinds of goods throughout the year 365/7/24.

Our objective is to continually demonstrate and deliver to our customers the benefits of a 3PL company. Some of these benefits include:
  • Cost savings through economies of scale
  • Establishing a local or regional presence
  • Implementing best practices throughout your supply chain

Outsourcing logistics services to a 3PL provider is an established practice among companies worldwide.

We would like to offer you the safety of our Group’s high operational standards, as well as, the benefit of working with an all-in-one provider! Within our Group you can enjoy first class services in every aspect of transportation, port/rail/airport coordination and warehousing.

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