Port Operation at Alexandroupolis

We have recently arranged the port operations at Alexandroupolis port for the FRSU project.

The whole project was completed in 5:30 hours.

No operational incidents or damages were reported.

Another project proving the specialty and experience of Cosmatos Group!

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  • Liaise with port & customs authorities for the allocation of proper and adequate storage area close to the pier in order cargo to be reloaded on board an offshore vessel at a second operational stage.
  • Booking of adequate stevedores on a short notice in order to offload the units ashore.
  • Customs Clearance was received at 16:30 hrs and all parties were timely on standby so that discharging commenced at 16:45 hrs and completed at 22:15 hrs, losing no time at all.
  • Overall Supervision and co-ordination of all parties involved, overviewing the critical tandem lift arrangements as per vessel’s stowage plan.
  • In addition, on a ship husbandry attendance, we arranged for the requested ship provisioning & technician embarkation formalities.

2 main units with dims & weights:

  • 1 x PLEM Unit with dims 16.50 x 10.19 x 5.87 mtrs / 130.000 Kg.
  • 1 x MUDMAT Unit with dims 16.21 x 12.22 x 2.50 mtrs / 45.000 Kg.
  • 12 smaller parts/accessories.