Discharging Windmill Towers and Transformers at Thessaloniki Port

Transport Vessels from Thessaloniki to Romania

Discharging of Transformers and Accessories at Thessaloniki Port

Refinery Equipment From Thessaloniki to Rotterdam

Refinery equipment from Greece to The Netherlands

Unstuffing flat racks

Offloading of windmill parts

Port Operation at Alexandroupolis

Cable reel from Greece to France

Convoy of oversized cargo

Transport of vacuum reclaimer drums

Reception of transformer

Transport of silos

Reception and transport of hydraulic drilling rigs

Transport of rescue life boat

Defense Logistics

Refinery equipment from Greece to The Netherlands

Biomass food vessel

NATO Military cargo

Collection of refinery equipment

International Special Transport

Special road transport

Delivery of refinery equipment

Discharging of transformers

Frontex boat to Northern Europe

Gearbox to North Macedonia

Power plant equipment ex Far East to Greece

Rail road truck from Romania to Egypt

Extrusion press from Italy to Greece

Project cargo for power plant in Slovenia

Refinery equipment from Thessaloniki to Motor Oil Hellas, Corinth

Transport of paper dryer to Northern Greece

Power plant equipment from Spain to Greece

Refinery equipment from Greece to France

Delivery of military boat to Greek island

Transport of refinery equipment to Thessaloniki Port

Road transport of pumps

Refinery equipment to Azerbaijan

Transport of military units

Road transport of refinery columns to Ajerbaijan

Pre-trenching plough from Greece to UK

Transformers from Turkey to Greece

Windmills in Northern Greece

Road transport from Greece to Albania

Refinery parts from Greece to Egypt

Refinery parts from Germany to Greece

Offloading and transportation of windmills

Transport of high value rotors from Spain to Greece

Conveyor belts to South Africa

Windmill generator from Germany to Evia island Greece

Oversized road transport from Netherlands to Greece

Multi-modal transport from Greece to France

Transport of desalter vessels from Greece to Russia

Road transport of windmill blades from Poland to Greece

Pipe bundles from Poland to Greece

Shipping 315 vehicles from Greece to Egypt

Mainframe units to Chile

Mainframe unit to USA

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