Transport of paper dryer to Northern Greece

A successfull cooperation between THLG members. Cosmatos Group, THLG member for Greece, THLG member Holleman Bulgaria and Italian member DCS Liburnus completed the transport of a paper mill dryer to Maxi factory in Katerini, Greece.

Cargo had dimensions of L 6.25 m x W 4.70 m x H 4.75 m and weighed 61.5 tons, including accessories.

The dryer was unloaded from vessel and transported to the factory, where it was discharged.

Another proof that THLG means Power in Unity!

Unloading from vessel, transport to the factory, discharging at the factory

Paper mill dryer with dimensions L 6.25 m x W 4.70 m x H 4.75 m and weight 61.5 tons, including accessories