Transport and loading of silos

We planned and executed the intermodal road/sea transport from Salcon site at Thessaloniki city limits to Thessaloniki port. Then by charter Ro-Ro ferry to Soussaki port till final delivery to Motor Oil site.

We went high and wide this time with 3 silos of LxWxH 16.50×7.70×8.10 m and 36 t each, and 1 silo of LxWxH 19.95×4.22×4.55 m and 52t.

In progress with the best gang on the ground cause #WeKnowHow

When #shipping #projectcargo #thinkofcosmatos

  • 4 X Silo ex FCA Salcon Thessaloniki to FOT MOH Corinth
  • Transport including civil works and lifting electricity cables, ferry charter and last mile delivery to MOH site
  • 3 silos x 16.50×7.70×8.10 m / 36 to
  • 1 silo x 19.95×4.22×4.55 m / 52 to