Convoy of oversized cargo

A full Sunday walking behind an impressive convoy of oversized cargo.

Early morning hours on a Sunday guarantee low traffic and less implications after the imperative power cutting intervals.

Cause when the total height exceeds 9 meters, then measures are needed!

In progress with our best gang on the ground cause #WeKnowHow

When #shipping #projectcargo #thinkofcosmatos

  • FCA EKME TO FOB Thessaloniki, lashed/secured on MV HOLLUM
  • Thessaloniki to Gargoub EG
  • Transport, loading, lashing
  • 5 Modules with components & piping connections
    • 1466x718x741 cm – 38900 kg
    • 1519x680x556 cm – 43600 kg
    • 1496x708x632 cm – 38500 kg
    • 1521x685x654 cm – 32550 kg
    • 660x650x495 cm – 14360 kg