Quality Policy

Our target is to provide alternatives and solutions to any given transport issue while managing the supply chain in a way that preserves corporate spirit and customer satisfaction.

The Management of FAIRPLAY S.A. is committed on it’s behalf to respond with responsibility and effectiveness to the demands and expectations of it’s clients.

As part of our continuous effort to improve our services, the following are ensured:
  • Constant monitoring, action and intervention through proactive and corrective, when needed, procedures for the benefit and interest of our clients
  • Compliance with the current legal and regulatory provisions
  • Non stop effort to improve the services provided

The Management of FAIRPLAY S.A. is committed to develop and maintain an infrastructure of the highest standards and a high quality personnel which is encouraged to:
  • Actively participate in the company’s operations
  • Comply to the demands of the company’s Quality Policy
  • Contribute to the ongoing establishment and improvement of the company’s effectiveness and provide all the means necessary to ensure it’s constant development

The personnel of FAIRPLAY S.A. has an obligation to comply with all the decisions that are taken for the implementation of the current Quality Policy, based on the available resources and infrastructure provided by the Management.