Crew changes & Covid-19

With the Covid-19 outbreak, ports are imposing various restrictions on vessels and crew changes procedures.

In the port of Thessaloniki crew changes are permitted on the following conditions:

On-signers (European / Non-European)

All travelers are obliged to complete their PLF (Passenger Locator Fork) electronically at before entering the country.
Required negative PCR test which must be conducted within the last 48 hours before joining the vessel.


Repatriation can be permitted based on a confirmed flight.

Port authorities and Immigration Office do not request a PCR test, since this is already required from most airlines.

Vessel must not arrive from Turkish or Albanian ports.

In case that a seafarer is infected by the virus, then he must be placed in hotel quarantine for 14 days.

Agent must guarantee to the Immigration Office that all expenses that will arise will be covered from the ship owners/managers.

General notes

  • Crew changes are not permitted while vessel is at HELPE sea berth, therefore crew changes should take place either before berthing or after unberthing.
  • About 24 hours are needed for test results to come out.
  • Regarding transportation, max 2 people are allowed to share a taxi and 3 people to share a minibus, without including the driver.
  • There are restrictions on the movement of people, so seafarers staying at hotels are requested to avoid wandering without reason.
  • All existing guidelines are subject to change, depending on the course of the pandemic.