How a crisis period can be used as an opportunity to improve customer relations

As the pandemic continues, we all experience an unprecedented and multidimensional crisis. The effects, in addition to health and economy, seem to have also affected people’s relationships on a personal and professional level.

If we accept that change is inevitable and we shift our focus to the benefits that we can gain from the new reality then we can develop the way we manage it and the ability to adapt.

It is an opportunity for a short break, for observation, contemplation and a lesson for the future. It is an opportunity to be smarter with the emotions using what we feel like a database that will help us make the right decisions and operate effectively for our own benefit as well as of our customers.

In order to improve our customer relationships the most important first step is to find our equilibrium point developing our emotional intelligence which consists of specific skills some of which are the following:

Self-control & Self-knowledge

How can I improve and turn an obstacle into an opportunity?

Every obstacle is an opportunity to search for my mistakes, my weaknesses and to fix them by doing a restart. I practice observing myself and becoming aware of the situation that I experience. I nurture personal and social skills such as patience, ability to adapt, collaboration, communication and active listening, skills that will benefit my interpersonal relationships and the quality of communication with my environment. I’m learning to manage negative emotions while staying positive, calm and concentrated. I control my automated reactions like anger, yelling and any negative impulse that could be an obstacle in my communication.

If I evaluate my reactions at given times I will notice that when my emotions are positive the efficiency and my effectiveness are increasing. I focus on the solution and not the problem, I seek for assistance from colleagues if I believe that this will lead to finding the optimal solution. I remain authentic and openly communicate with others, understanding anything different that is happening around me, without deviating from my values and principles.

Empathy & Building Trust / Relationships

It is important for the customer to know that you will be by his side at every critical moment, you will respond immediately to his needs with honesty, respect, efficiency and without criticism. The customer must feel that you are the man who adds value to his business. You see the world through his own eyes, you communicate directly and nurture a climate of mutual respect and trust.

In times of crisis the biggest challenge is the way that companies will communicate with their customers. Showing empathy and in depth understanding of the feelings of insecurity and uncertainty that prevail they will influence the purchasing mood and decision making of customers. Effective communication must include both logical and objective data as well as an encouraging feedback from us, so that the conclusion of our communication leaves a positive touch. We invest in building personal bonds with customers, we identify and we listen to their needs, we distance ourselves from the individual interest and we promote teamwork with one vision, a purpose and a joint action.
Trust is being built day by day. Everything that now seems insuperable is a challenge which once we overcome we shall have won at all levels, both professionally and individually. We are going through a difficult and unusual period and there is no alternative but to keep at all cost those for which we have worked with passion all the past period.
Customers trust a brand but they are always looking for a person behind it. A satisfied customer will bring new connections that can grow into successful collaborations.