Chemical & Dangerous Goods

Hub Logistics SA specializes in logistics services, storage, handling and distribution of chemical and dangerous goods, while complying fully with relevant EU regulations.

Licensing & Certifications

  • Operational License
  • License for storage of Chemicals and Dangerous Goods
  • Approved Environmental License
  • Certificate of Fire Protection G3 level
  • Certificate ISO 9001:2015
  • Certificate ISO 14001:2015
  • SEVESO III Safety Report

Infrastructure & Safety Standards
In our facilities we operate an individual section (G3 fire compartment –under P.D. 71/1988) approved by the Fire Service with a special ”90 minutes” fire resistant.

Wall and pillar structures, as well as, the paint used are specially enforced for additional protection against heat and fire.

The construction is certified by TÜV Hellas.

An automatic fire detection system is installed and connected to our security company.

The firefighting is based on a water sprinkler system of a 130 m3 fire water tank at site and a permanent fire protection network.

Special storage area, within the G3 fire compartment, enforces firefighting only with foam extinguishers for specific materials.

The forklift charging area located in a different section and at safe distance from the fire compartment G3.

Handling of Dangerous Goods (ADR)

  • Safety markings in all warehouse areas
  • Placement and storage of dangerous goods based on compatibility in order to eliminate possibility of interaction
  • Personal Protection Equipment, specialized for handling of dangerous goods
  • Cooperation with certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor for management and routing of dangerous goods according to ADR
  • Continuous personnel training in security matters, management of dangerous goods and actions in case of accident