Dry Storage
Our warehousing facility offers multiple storage options for every possible packaging:

  • Pallets
  • Boxes / Crates
  • Big Bags
  • Part cargo – Groupage (LCL)
  • Containers
  • Loose cargo

Bonded Storage
Our indoor and outdoor bonded storage facility is fully licensed for:

  • Customs warehousing procedures
  • Temporary Bonded Storage
  • EU cargo

Indoor and outdoor storage facilities are fully licensed for customs warehousing procedure, as well as, temporary bonded storage.

We also act as a Registered Consignee.

Cosmatos Group holds a clean customs record. For this reason, we offer our Group’s customs guarantee for cargo tax value up to €1.000.000

Cross Docking
Thessaloniki is well known for its privileged geographical position. Being the first best-connected European port that leads to the Balkan hinterland, the city is the ideal hub for the logistics chain.

Our establishment has a specially designed covered section that serves goods in transit only. Moreover, a short-stay section which is served with easy-access points can guarantee minimum time and effort spent for your cross-docking cargo.

Groupage services are, also, available for your LCL cargo.

Packaging services are available, too.

Our staff will see that your cargo is safely collected, stored and re-loaded on the truck/container.

Dangerous Goods
A special “90-minutes” fire resistant section is available for storage in our warehouse.

Wall and pillar structures, as well as, the paint used are specially enforced for additional protection against heat and fire.

The construction is certified by TÜV Hellas.

This section can accept palletized IMO cargo.

We also have a State License to operate as a warehouse for chemical products.