Ship Husbandry

The ship husbandry is one of our primary fields of expertise. The deep knowledge of the shipping business enables us to offer the highest level of service with guaranteed results. We represent all ship types:
  • Particular knowledge of all greek terminal requirements
  • 24hrs support to Principals
  • Attend to all husbandry issues
Dry bulk carriers
ship husbandry tankers
  • Draft survey
  • Quality control survey
  • Attend to all husbandry issues
  • Off-hire surveys
General cargo ships
ship husbandry general cargo
  • Efficient operational planning & performance
  • Tallyman service
  • Attend to all husbandry issues
  • Issuance of all shipping documents
  • Letter of credit
Combi / project ships
ship husbandry combi
  • Extensive knowledge of handling operations
  • Operations surveyance
  • Hire of lifting equipment
  • Stevedoring
  • Lashing / welding
ship husbandry ro/ro
  • Extensive knowledge of stern & quarter stern ramps berthing arrangements
  • Military cargo
  • IMO cargo
  • Rolling & static units stock
ship husbandry reefers
  • Coordinate multiple receivers / shippers
  • Cold store options
Cruise ships
ship husbandry cruise
  • Shore support
  • Passenger turnaround
  • (Dis)embark attendance
Naval ships
ship husbandry naval
  • Support of all crew needs & husbandry issues
Container ships
ship husbandry container
  • Storage plans
  • Coordination of load/disch ops
  • Attend to all husbandry issues
ship husbandry yachts
  • Formalities for commercial & pleasure yachts
  • Attend to all customer needs
Each ship call is followed by a designated operations executive who is reachable round the clock as our service is available on 24/7/365 basis. Our vast experience which extends to the most complex areas of the shipping business, qualifies us to be the first choice when seeking an agent in any Greek port.