Refinery equipment from Thessaloniki to Motor Oil Hellas, Corinth

It was a milestone achievement to participate in the delivery of a Naphtha Splitter that measured L 70.3 m x W 5.1 m x H 5.1 m and weighed 255 mts, and a Deisohexanizer Column that measured L 65.6 m x W 5.6 m x H 5.7 m and weighed 270 mts, to the Motor Oil Hellas Naphtha complex in Corinth, Greece.

These long units were picked up from manufacturer’s site, delivered by road to Thessaloniki port and then loaded on ferry boat till Athina jetty of Motoroil Hellas Refinery in Corinth. Post carriage till erection spot followed through difficult narrow roads and challenging turns.

A joint logistics operation which included the vessel chartering, lashing/unlashing and road permits.

All and all, a quite challenging but rewarding project!