Port Information

alexandroupolis port
Latitude / Longitude: 40.839° / 25.895°

Old Commercial Port offering a 180-meter quay which can accommodate vessels with drafts up to 6.80 meters. General cargo and bulk cargo are the main cargoes handled.

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New Commercial (Container) Terminal

Terminal Security: There is an approved Evaluation and Port Facility Security Plan for the Alexandroupolis Port, according to the requirements of the international ISPS Code
Required Pilots i.e. sea, river, harbor: Pilot is available upon request
Vessels accomodated: LOLO (500m East Lo/Lo quay, 180m South Lo/Lo-Ro/Ro quay), RORO, other
Mobile cranes: 1 mobile crane ( ltm 1500 – cap 500tons), available upon request
Forklifts: 1 forklift (5tons), more available upon request

  • Self propelled: All described types of loads can be serviced at the container terminal facilities, provided that the necessary machinery is available (agreement with private companies)
  • Non self propelled
  • Tracked vehicles
  • Containers
  • Static breakbulk
  • Can tracked vehicles naturally maneuver along the quay and within the terminal grounds
Working Shift Times:
  • Standard: Mon-Fri 0800/1800 (subject daylight)
  • Weekend: upon request
  • Holiday: upon request – not all holidays
  • Overtime: 100% on tariff
Storage Space:
  • Uncovered: Total surface of concrete floor container terminal, 11.3hectares (open area). Availability depending on the simultaneous use by other uses.
  • Access to additional storage space outside the terminal grounds: Access through existing port gates and urban – national road network
  • Can artificial / temporary perimeters be erected around a storage area inside the terminal with fencing or empty containers stacked 2 high: Yes
DGD/IMDG: Class 1 and Class 5
  • Allowable classes: Loading and unloading of dangerous goods is allowed in the eastern quay of the terminal and is examined on a case-by-case basis and under the conditions of safety measures described in the national legislation. It is not allowed to store explosives in port area, except for the time required to load them.
Port Restrctions Ramps Towage: Compulsory for all vessels with GT 1000 and over
Fresh water: Available, from shore
Bunkering: Available only for trucks
Provisions/stores: Available
eleusis port
Latitude / Longitude: 38.03676° / 23.53047°

Eleusis is located on the Saronikos Gulf to the southeast of the mainland, 24 km from Piraeus.
The port operates as a commercial port only, offering a 300-meter quay with 80 meters width which can accommodate vessels with drafts ranging from 5.50 to 8.00 meters. General cargo and scrap iron are the main cargoes handled.

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iraklion port - heraklion port
Latitude / Longitude: 35.3475° / 25.1478°

Port has 5 quays with total of 4000 meters length and up to12 meters depth. Commercial Port has 3 quays which can serve the movement of any general or bulk cargo ships (& with pumps or pipes) and containers.

Quay No 3 with total length 959.00 meters and max draft 8.50 meters.
Quays No 4-5 with total length 851.00 meters and max draft 12.00 meters.
Quay No 6 with total length 380.00 meters and max draft 8.50 meters.

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Latitude / Longitude: 36.505415° / 23.041845°

Roads / Pilot on board: LA 40 56,1 North – LO 24 28,5 East
Port / Alongside: LA 40 56,4 North – LO 24 28,15 East

The commercial port Philippos B’ (Nea Karvali), is located at North Greece, 5 km East of the city of Kavala.
The port of Philippos B’ is directly situated on the North Aegean Sea and hosts one multifunctional single wharf at West with three (3) berths.

Presently only one (1) berth for Loading & Discharging cargoes.
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lavrio port
Latitude / Longitude: 37.70966° / 24.062°

The commercial port has about 680 meters of quays, of which only 300 meters are usually available daily. The commercial quays accept vessels of no more than 120-140 meters LOA and max draught of 8.50 meters. They are mostly used for loading/discharging general cargo, containers (feeder ships) and various non-hazardous dry bulks.
limassol port
Latitude / Longitude: 39.353° / 22.963655°

The port has 5 quays with a total length of 2,070 meters.

Northern Quay with total length 430 meters and max draft 11 meters.
Western Quay with total length 770 meters and max draft 16 meters.
Eastern Quay with total length 480 meters and max draft 11 meters.
Southern Quay with total length 300 meters and max draft 16 meters.

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Nea Moudania
moudania port
Latitude / Longitude: 40.236955° / 23.281635°

Located on the Thermaikos Gulf.
Port functions as an adjunct of Thessaloniki port. Dry cargo and bulk cargo mainly served at the port. The key length is 210 meters and max draught of 5.70 meters forward and 7.50 meters aft. The port can serve up to two vessels at the same time. Crew changes availabilty.

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moudania port
Latitude / Longitude: 37.94606° / 23.61377°

Natural port of Athens and Greece’s main gateway.

Loch: No
Air draft: Unlimited
Tide range, salt or fresh water, density: Tide ±0.5m, Salt water, 6hrs high, 6hrs low
Channel water draft: 25.5 meters
Tugboat: Compulsory – GRT >1000, 1 TUG COMPULSORY
Local currency: EURO €
Harbour Master office contact (VHF and 24/7 tel): 13
Pilot service: company(ies) and VHF: 12
Security level and contact of PFSO: S1

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stavros port
Latitude / Longitude: 40.668° / 23.7005°

Stavros is located on the Strymonian Gulf.
Port operates as a commercial port, offering a 215-meter quay, 2 berths, North berth with 108.00 meters length and South with 107.00 meters length. North May accommodate vessels with draft up to 8.00 meters and South up to 5.00 meters. Mainly general cargo handled. No crew changes availability at port.

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stylis port - stylida port
Latitude / Longitude: 38.90723° / 22.616655°

Stylida or Stylis Port is situated on the north side of Maliakos Kolpos (Gulf).
A dredged channel of about half a mile leads to the basis of the port. The channel is marked at the outer end by a pair of light buoys and just before entering the basin by flashing beacons.The maximum draft for entering the channel is 5.80 meters.

Stylida Port has one main commercial pier of a total lengh 200 meters with max draft 5.80 meters.
thessaloniki port
Latitude / Longitude: 40.63692° / 22.91859°

Positioned at 40° 36.9 N – 22° 53.9 E
Max summer dwt: 160 KDWT Fully loaded
Max Length (LOA): 340 Meters
Min Length (LOA): 240 Meters
Maximum draft: 57 ft 6 inches (17.53 meters)
The vessel should be equipped with six (6) wires (without tails) having diameter 36-40 mm and length not less than 240 meters ,mounted on winches.

Positioned at 40° 37.8 N – 22° 53.6 E
Max summer dwt: 50 KDWT
Max Length (LOA): 240 meters
Min Length (LOA): 170 meters
Maximum draft: 42 ft (12.8 meters)
The vessel should be equipped with two (2) wires (without tails) and 9 ropes having diameter 32-36mm and length not less than 240 meters mounted on winches.

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volos port
Latitude / Longitude: 34.65841° / 33.0271°

Volos port is located on the head of the Gulf of Pagasitikos on the eastern Greek mainland. It’s anchorage area is situated about 2 km from the port entrance. Two jetties can accommodate commercial vessels.

Jetty B
It is the jetty located in the middle of the port. East side with length 400m end max draft 9.50m. It is provided with two shore cranes: Rocas No 8 capacity 25 metric tons, and Rocas No 9 capacity 40 metric tons, which move up to rails for loading and unloading. West side with length 300m and max draft 9.20 m used for cruise vessels, and when it is free used for loading and unloading by using external mobile crane or vessel’s cranes.

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