Cosmatos Group supporting KETHEA Centre for Addicted People

Remaining loyal to the values that we have been representing for years, we are printing our 2019 corporate calendar at the Graphic Arts Production Unit of “KETHEA – Centre for Addicted People.” Our collaboration with KETHEA dates back many years.

KETHEA is the largest organization in Greece providing rehabilitation and social reintegration services to addicts. It has been standing by the side of drug users since 1983. All the services of the Centre are offered for free and there are no waiting lists. KETHEA is also helping people dealing with other kinds of addiction, such as alcohol, gambling and excessive internet use.

For us in Cosmatos Group, it is essential to keep up the effort of providing back to the society in every aspect we can. Having adopted the common well culture into the very core of our corporate identity, we always try through our business activities to leave a positive impact to our fellow man.