Refinery equipment to Azerbaijan

Cosmatos Group was selected and completed the transport and port operations of refinery equipment from EKME SA in Thessaloniki, Greece, till FOB LSD Thessaloniki port.

We took care of the pre carriage, road permits, escorts, port handling in tandem lift using our own lifting equipment, lashing design & method, as well as the securing of the cargo on board including special arrangements for deck cargo.

Total cargo consisted of three (3) units with dimensions:

Length x breadth x height – weight
39,00 x 4,70 x 4,20 mtrs – 95,00 mts
43,00 x 4,65 x 4,50 mtrs – 98,00 mts
39,50 x 3,80 x 3,40 mtrs – 71,00 mts

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